History of AMTS

2006: Sports Car and Tuning Show, Szeged

Our first event already debuted as the biggest and most visited tuning show in 2006. It featured 500 uniquely modified cars and the grand attraction had been the original cars from the movie Fast and Furious, and Back to the Future.

Visitors: 20.000 ∙ Indoor area: 4.000 m² ∙ Outdoor area: 10.000 m² ∙ Date: 25-26. March, 2006. | Gallery

2007: Carstyling & TOP Tuning Show, Szeged

Once again, our event was the biggest car tuning show and meeting of the year in 2007 with 800 modified cars. Next to cars from the movie Fast and the Furious and Gone in 60 seconds the first ever drifting Nissan Skylines’ show could be seen in Hungary

Visitors: 22.000 ∙ Indoor area: 4.800 m² ∙ Outdoor area: 15.000 m² ∙ Date: 24-25. March, 2007. | Gallery

2008: Carstyling.hu Tuning Show, Hungexpo

Our first event in Budapest debuted once again as the biggest tuning show in Hungary. The event featured 1.000 unique vehicles, international tuning company’s booths and cars, Dutch and Belgian drift racers and the world famous Fuel Girls guaranteed a spectacular entertainment.

Visitors: 40.000 ∙ Indoors area: 12.000 m² ∙ Outdoor area: 30.000 m² ∙ Date: 22-24. March, 2008 | Gallery

2009: Carstyling.hu Tuning Show, Hungexpo

A great international success! During the 3 days of the show, more then a quarter of the 1000 modified cars came from other countries. Besides these vehicles, many international tuning companies had been represented and a unique European drift show made the event truly unforgettable.

Visitors: 25.000 ∙ Indoor area: 20.000 m² ∙ Outdoor area 30.000 m² ∙ Date: 11-13. April, 2009 | Gallery

2010: Carstyling.hu Tuning Show, Hungexpo

The „A” pavilion featured the most beautiful and unique vehicles of 8 countries. Besides the regular show, a new feature introduced this year was the “car tuning live”. The end product of it – a fully enhanced Golf V – had been drawn among the visitors.

Visitors: 29.000 ∙ Indoor area: 20.000 m² ∙ Outdoor area: 30.000 m² ∙ Date: 19-21. March, 2010.Gallery

2011: Carstyling.hu Tuning Show, Hungexpo

The biggest show ever in Central Europe, the cars of more than 9 countries had been featured. As a new on-stage program, the Carstyling Dolls have been introduced, while the outdoors area featured Europes brand new motor sport, for the first time in Hungary, the Gymkhana.

Visitors: 30.000 ∙ Indoor area : 25.000 m² ∙ Outdoor area: 35.000 m² ∙ Date: 25-27. March, 2011Gallery

2012: Car-Motor-Tuning Show, Hungexpo

For the first time, Carstyling Tuning Show, Budapest Motor Festival, EMAT, Tattoo Expo and Gymkhana National Championship were all featured under one single name. It was the biggest auto-motor show of the year featuring both cars and motors, made colorful by the many spectacular programs.

Visitors: 38.000 ∙ Indoor area : 40.000 m² ∙ Outdoor area: 39.000 m² ∙ Date: 30. March - 1. April, 2012 | Gallery

2013: Auto, Motor & Tuning Show (AMTS), Hungexpo

The Giga event, encompassing 8 different auto-motor shows debuted under a new brand name and with enormous success. With 5 pavilions, 12 import brands, it was truly a state of the art international event. Thanks to Ford Hungary, the visitors could also meet Ken Block.

Visitors: 41.000 ∙ Indoor area : 46.500 m² ∙ Outdoor area: 40.000 m² ∙ Date: 22-24. March, 2013Gallery

2014: Auto, Motor & Tuning Show (AMTS), Hungexpo

With 9 different themes, once again it became Hungary’s number 1 auto-motor event. As a new feature, the exhibition named „Hungarians in the world’s auto-motor industry” and the „Veteran vehicle Pavilion” had been introduced. The number of international importer exhibitors went up to 19.

Visitors: 44.000 ∙ Indoor area : 52.000 m² ∙ Outdoor area: 40.000 m² ∙ Date: 21-23. March, 2014 Gallery

2015: Auto, Motor & Tuning Show (AMTS), Hungexpo

Our 10th year jubilee broke all our previous records, the show became a real big dest of the Hungarian car and moto industry. The event held 10 unique themes in 7 pavilions with 4 stages and a huge outdoor area, showing tuned cars from 15 different countries from all over Europe. As a highlight, the contintent’s first ever Roush-kitted Ford Mustang 6-gen was built during the show in only 3 days!

Visitors: 53.000 ∙ Indoor area : 60.000 m² ∙ Outdoor area: 40.000 m² ∙ Date: 20-22. March, 2015 | Galéria

2016: Auto, Motor & Tuning Show (AMTS), Hungexpo

Eight unique pavilons and two brand new tematics - Cabrio Exhibition, Veteran Motorbike Exhibition - hallmarked the show which had record number of visitors and exhibitors. All pavilions of the Hungexpo were full with cars and bikes. During the 3 days of the show a BMW Z4 were overhauled which was won by one of the show's visitors.

Visitors: 55.000 · Indoor area: 62.000 m2 · Outdoor area: 40.000 m2 · Date: 18-20. March 2016 | Gallery

2017: Automobil & Tuning Show (AMTS), Hungexpo

For the first time in it's history, AMTS debuted az a pure car show. Pavilion "G" which was a place for motorbikes in the past years, became an unique zone for car brands and importeurs, where two new exhibitions (EV-Greentech, SUV show) presented for the first time in Hungary. One of the visitors won an overhauled Audi TT Roadster which was previously rebuilt by the AMTS Team

Visitors: 46.000 · Indoor area: 55.000 m2 · Outdoor area: 45.000 m2 · Date: 24-26. March 2017 | Gallery

2018: AutoMobil és Tuning Show (AMTS), Hungexpo

AMTS continued as a pure car show with a great success in 2018. Next to the good know thematics Hungary's biggest electronic car exhibition (EV-greentech) joined, as well as a sports & luxury car zone. On the outdoor grounds, two brand new drift races were held for the first time in Hungary, as well as a brand new show dedicated for the off-road lovers. 

Visitors: 54.000 · Indoor area: 55.000 m2 · Outdoor area: 50.000 m2 · Date: 23-25. March 2018 | Gallery

2019: AutoMobil és Tuning Show (AMTS), Hungexpo

Following the path of our well done thematics, the motto of our show was: bigger and better of everything! Filling all of Hungexpo's pavilions and outdoor areas AMTS 2019 was a huge success with a record number of visitors. Inside, cars from 18 countrys of Europe were exhibited while outside Tsuiso drift battles entertained the public for the first time.

Visitors: 60.000 · Indoor area: 55.000 m2 · Outdoor area: 55.000 m2 · Date: 22-24. March 2019 | Gallery

2020: AMTS Online Edition

The pandemic period of 2020 affected sensitively AMTS too. Circumstances did not allow for the organization of a large-scale show, so at the end of the year, the show appeared in a form of an online version available for free to everyone. During the broadcast, various themes of the event were presented, with numerous invited guests and their vehicles. Among the visitors who kept their tickets, a rebuilt Porsche Boxster was drawn.

Viewers: 57.000 · Date: 29. December 2020 | Watch the show online

2021: AutoMobil és Tuning Show (AMTS), Hungexpo

After several postponements, the AMTS during the pandemic period was organized at the end of the summer of 2021. A total of four of the brand new halls of the almost completely renovated Hungexpo were filled by the event, with perhaps the most extravagant display of vehicles of all time. The usual drift and offroad programs took place outside. The main prize of the show was a Mini Cooper Coupé, which was rebuilt exclusively in an AMTS showroom that was open for a whole month. Despite the mandatory vaccination-card system and the many simultaneous end-of-summer programs, we were able to host a good number of visitors.

Visitors: 42.000 · Indoor area: 40.000 m2 · Outdoor area: 65.000 m2 · Date: 27-29. August 2021 | Gallery

2022: AutoMobil és Tuning Show (AMTS), Hungexpo

The first AMTS after the pandemic period took place at still an unusual date, in May 2022. A total of five of the completely renovated Hungexpo's brand new halls were filled by the event, and for the first time, an entire pavilion was occupied by electromobility, known as the International Electromobility Expo. In addition to the brand new drift and offroad programs, motorcycle enthusiasts could also witness a high-quality SuperEnduro Cup. The main sensation of the event was one of the most beautiful show cars in the world, the Powered by Johan Dodge Charger, which arrived straight from Sweden to our country. The main prize of the show was a special Mazda MX-5 Roadster, rebuilt in the Westend Shopping Center, before the show.

Visitors: 49.000 · Indoor area: 48.000 m2 · Outdoor area: 65.000 m2 · Date: 27-29. May 2022 | Gallery

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