Our Show will be held in Hungary's largest and best known exhibition centre called HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre - Budapest X., Albertirsai str 10 (Expo square 1.)

You can find some help to get there by following this link.


Pavilion layout

"A" pavilion:
  • Tuning Show 2018 - tuning companies, aftermarket, Club Scene
  • American cars scene
"C" pavilion:
  • Tuning Show 2018 - Club Scene
  • Patricar dB Drag
  • Hungarian SQ Cup
"D" pavilion:
  • Tuning Show 2018 - Club Scene
"F" pavilion:
  • Classic Automobil Show
  • Show for Real Cruisers - '50 Brothers Hot Rod Show
"G" pavilion:
  • Saloon, car importeurs
  • Hungarians in the automotive industry exhibition
  • Sports & Luxury Car Exhibition
  • EV-GreenTech Exhibition
  • SUV & Pickup Zone
"A" parking
  • National Drift Championship
  • Off-Road Show
  • Tuning Meeting

AMTS 2018 overview


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