Press accreditation

Dear journalist colleagues!

Press accreditation can be claimed for Automobil & Tuning Show event by a request sent by e-mail to [email protected].

The e-mail has to contain the following informations:

  1. General information of the media: name, type (press, online, TV, radio)
  2. Preliminary promotional possibilities: Where and how you can promote our event before it opens?
  3. Additional promotion: Where and how will you publish the material you've recorded at our event?
  4. Publication background: List of your publications about our previous events, including links to the articles, videos, pictures, etc., if possible.
  5. General information of your representatives (name, title): We can provide two accreditations per media. Accrediting TV crews require further collation.

Accreditation deadline closes on 19th September 2021. We will reply to every enquiry via email until 21st September.

ATTENTION! Emailing an accreditation request does not automatically result in press registration for the event. Requests with insufficent data are handled as invalid accreditations.

Press contact:

Phone: +36 20 320 3399
E-mail: [email protected]


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