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Year 2019's project: Ford Mustang Coupe

WE are building it live, just before your eyes! AMTS has years of tradition in superfast car building from from the serial state to full tuned in our workshop-arena which was placed this year in Westend City Center, one month before the show. During only 5 days, the chassis, wheels, suspension, paint, interior and the whole audio system were modified on our demo car, which can be seen at the AMTS!

For information of this year's project, please check back later!

The past: Europe's first ever ROUSH Mustang 6-gen

Car building live 2015: Ford Mustang 6-gen

In 2015 we had a very special car for this program: Europe's first ROUSH-kitted Ford Mustang 6th-gen was built in only 3 days LIVE!

The car got an original ROUSH bodykit, which came directly from the factory of Michigan. According to the sales division of ROUSH, it was the very first 2015 Mustang set ever sent to Europe! In addition, the car got a brand new unique color via paintjob, 20”" concave wheels, lowering set and a sport exhaust. The interior was also releathered and a professional hifi-installation was built into the trunk. All of this work was done during the show, in only three days!

It’s not only the shortness of time, why the team of AMTS were facing off with serious challenges, but also the exclusivity of the model: the 6th-gen Mustang was so new, that nobody had real experience in rebuilding it in the spring of 2015. On the other hand, AMTS had years of tradition in superfast car building. 

Detailed list of the Mustang's modifications:

  • Original ROUSH bodykit (complete front fascia kit, rear spoiler, rocker winglets, side scoops)
  • O.Z. LEGGERA HLT - Grigio Corsa Bright wheels set in 20”
  • Proex bespoke professional exhaust system
  • KW coilover suspension (also the first set for the new Mustang, but still in production. If it won’t be finished till the AMTS, lowering springs will be used instead)
  • Brand new unique paint using House of Kolor’s palette
  • Unique leather interior by Dorax (all seats, side panels)
  • Hifi installation: Hertz woofers and amps, Audison processor, StP noise reduction
  • Osram led daylights / fog lights and interior lights
  • The car was built using Jonnesway’s professional tools, and supported by DF Tuning, Hungary

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